🤗Introduction to Input and Output

Text input:

In the input box of the dialog window, you can directly input text to communicate with NeaChat. After pressing the "Send" button, NeaChat will provide you with corresponding answers or suggestions.

Voice input (need to be enabled in the settings): (not open yet)

Click the microphone icon on the right side of the input box to start voice input. The speech recognition function will automatically convert your speech into text, you can view and edit the recognition results in the input box, and then press the "send" button to communicate.

Text output:

NeaChat's reply will be displayed in the chat window in text form. You can scroll through the full conversation transcript.

Voice output (need to be enabled in the settings): (not open yet)

When NeaChat provides an answer or suggestion, the speech synthesis function automatically converts the text to speech and plays it through the speaker. You can adjust the speech rate, volume and tone of speech synthesis in the settings.

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